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About Me

Hi, this is Sarah from Every Song Sucks! I don't actually think every song sucks - I actually love music, and enjoy singing. I'm just very picky, so the name is poking fun at that. 

I thought I knew music but have been discovering more music and exploring different metal and metal-adjacent genres, thanks to the inspiration of people around the world on my previous channel! I am continuing to make a playlist of songs that I will actually listen to regularly.

I think about music a lot so I plan to share some of my thoughts. I know everyone won't agree with me.

When I do an album review 0-2 songs will make it to my playlist, depending on what I thought of the album. When I do a song review it may make it or not make it depending on if I liked it. This way I can keep some variance in the playlist but keep it growing.

I am completely honest, so if I don't like a song or album, I will say so. My reviews are my personal thoughts and experiences with music. 

My ratings are based on my own subjective taste; this is my journey, and I am allowed to not like what you like, and vice versa! I rate a song or album overall using an 11-point scale, from 0 to 10. I use the full scale, not just 8+. This is according to my tastes, NOT talent:

0 - Every song sucks!
1 - Barely qualifies as music
2 - Stuff I don't like to hear at any time
3 - Lacking something or aggravating in some way
4 - Nothing exciting
5 - Some parts are likeable, some parts aren't
6 - Decent
7 - Good
8 - Great
9 - Awesome
10 - Amazing

Please make sure you share your opinion as well. I know it may be different than mine. At the bottom of each album and song review you can rate it yourself. 

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