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Album Review // 2023-09-19


A Sign of Things to Come

Released: 2023-09-08

It seems with the anticipation of this album, there is also some controversy. It seems to take a turn from what the band has been known for, to some degree. As for me, I have only heard a few songs from Sylosis, so I went into this open to what the band is, not so much what it has been. The name of the band, seen as stupid by members, doesn't have a lot tied to it. It made me think of cellulosis or some other kind of infection.

The glue that has held Sylosis together is Josh. It sounds like he wanted "A Sign of Things to Come" to be a classic record. Is that what has inspired the noted changes in this album? Apparently, the producer had a hand in pushing Josh to his limits.

The album title, "A Sign of Things to Come", makes a lot of sense. I think many people have anxiety about the future. It is hard not to, given the craziness that has gone and continues to go on, especially the last few years. Some things that happen are very obviously what precipitates the thing to follow.

I have been listening to this album on and off over the last week, and I feel ready to share my thoughts on it.

Album Art

At first, the artwork just looks like a circle, but looking closer, I see this is a skeletal ouroborous. It is a unique way of portraying the snake with its own tail in its mouth. I see it as a defensive posture. If it is eating its tail, it makes me think of doing something that hurts yourself in the long run. The idea can also be that there is a cycle that keeps repeating. In this case, the fact that it is a skeleton seems indicative of this cycle going on for a long time - or perhaps that it is broken, as the snake itself is dead. As artwork for this album, I think it is decent, but nothing too exciting to look at.


There is a defensiveness about this album, like when you find a snake and surprise it. It curls up, but lashes out towards you. it is like it needs to know the proper measurement of protection and defensiveness to survive. You go on to warn others that there is a snake in the field and make sure people are on the defense, and the cycle of distrust and distance continues.


I have to say, if you really look at these vocals, they are well done. This is someone who knows what they are doing. I want to give due praise. There is a great mixture of elements. But I also have to say that each type of vocal reminded me of a well-known band's version of a very similar vocal. Just an observation. Does it mean anything? I don't know. Some people resemble someone else, but most people don't resemble several other people.


I know not everyone agrees, but there is some metalcore that is just good, and some that just isn't. Except for a few songs, I think they used the good parts of metalcore, such as the choruses that are hard to forget, but kept out the breakdowns and dramatic drawn-out portions. The standout for me here are the riffs; yes, memorable, but also a lot of them were just notably good. They filled the space and it didn't feel empty. It also shone a light on the talent. I particularly enjoyed some riffage in the title track. The other standout is the pace and intensity. It feels like there is something important to be said. I like that kind of approach. And they included a ballad, Absent, to show they can slow down. 


This feels like the state the world has been left in, especially after the pandemic. It is extremely divided against each other. If anyone feels differently, the mentality is to run them down, put them on a stake, and hate them. (Please don't hate, though...)

I've stepped inside a world I don't know
The sky's not quite the same anymore
Dead stasis
Burnt pages
Fabric of society torn
Condemned either way
No cells, no chains
Resistance is buried like a secret to a grave

Face down in the dirt again
What's to gain from being the last one standing?
Cut the limb and not the tourniquet
So now it's understood
We remove the deadwood

A Sign of Things to Come

This speaks to seeing hate in yourself and being defensive and aggressive.

I hate to say
I'm beginning to see
My own reflection in my adversaries
I hate to ask
But I just need to know
Is your finger on the trigger
Or can you let go?

Stoke the fire if it's dwindling
Hate keeps those coals burning


I think this is about not fitting in or following the status quo. It could go further and make you think of situations when people don't have anyone and have to be independent, relying only on themselves.

Nurtured by no one
Shunned and cast away
Left out like rats in the rain
Damaged cells assimilate
Lost souls will aggregate

We'll never be your saviours
We took the fall for your failures
The bastard sons and daughters
The lambs that strayed from slaughter

Poison for the Lost

This seems like someone who enjoys hearing what they want, and thinks what they think, but not so much what other people think. Eventually, it gets to the point when you don't want to hear their voice anymore, period.

You've no authority
Just a malignant tongue
You're not so eloquent
Without the pages you stole from
No messiah
Not fit to serve
The pupil never becomes the master
If they never learn


This feels like you are stuck in a defensive state, coiled up and ready to attack. It seems you are in this state because you have no one to help. Again, you are only able to rely on yourself.

I'm tied to this fucking stake
Venomoid like a captured snake
All I can make is a fist
But there's nothing left to break
Faced with exile
We live like we're on trial
I've searched for something to feel
And all I felt was denial

A severed leash
But no one set me free
A cut through the rope with my own fucking teeth


I think this is the feeling of being distant. You are hard to reach, and have a hard time making decisions, and making a move.

I caught a glimpse in the corner of my eye
I think I knew what I would find
But there's something else at play
And everything at stake
And so the river's calling me, calling me away

I'm no saint
I've no virtue
I wish I could feel that you hurt too
But it's so dark I can't tell god from the devil
I'm just absent
More than ever

Eye for an Eye

When I think of this title I think of getting even. But the words speak more to someone who is burying themself with their words and actions. Maybe their true colours are coming out. Maybe their behaviour has come full circle and now they have to deal with it.

Words cut like jagged shards
And your house of glass is falling apart
You preach love but don't give it
Teach hate but don't see it
If there's nothing above
Then there's nothing beneath
But a fraud has to cut their teeth

Hiding inside your own skin
And now you're so absorbed
Are you even listening?
Words fallen on deaf ears
Eye for an eye
But you're the only one who's been left blind


This makes you think of being pulled to do things that are not good for your well-being. The drive to keep people happy and not make any waves.

Pulled by our throats
A contagion of misery
Leading the rats to their lobotomies
Cursed by all
Adored by none
And slowly your guise is undone

An all consuming hate
Pulses through the strings you manipulate


It sounds like someone's impression has been heavy on you. You don't feel safe, healthy, happy. It could be compared to thorns left in your skin.

You've taken everything I had to give
You cut your heart out to leave as evidence
You've taken everything
And it's all so wrong
Now I'm left with your thorns

My sacrifice for yours
My silence for your pride
Blue bodies sinking beneath
Another soul to keep

A Godless Throne

This makes me think about how guilt can creep in. A lot of times the things we feel guilt for aren't even related to us. Someone else has put it on us, and we keep it.

Survivor's guilt
What did I wish for?
I never knew the cost
All these years on
It's not wasted on me
But I never know what I have 'til it's gone

I'm deaf to your words
I'm blind to your actions
Couldn't sense the change in the air
Or see the lights refractions

I don't know where I belong
But I feel like I've done wrong


Playlist Pick

The first two songs on the album drew me in and stayed in my mind as the best on the album.

Deadwood will make it to my playlist because I like the build and release of the song. It keeps me interested.

A Sign of Things to Come will also make it to my playlist because it hooks me with the guitar riff right away and then keeps me hooked with the layout and memorability of the song.

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