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Where Death Metal Is Taking me

It wouldn't be fair for me to write a long intro about death metal, because that is not the intent here, but also I am fairly new to the genre. I listened to melodic death metal for some time, but I am going through some older and newer death in other veins of the genre more recently. Actually, I often find myself liking bands that are a mixture of genres, but have a death metal aspect. What is it about death metal that draws me in? I think it is the dynamics, the pace, aggression in the drums (I love double kick), the atmosphere, the low tones, blunt nature, the growling, the chaotic elements. The thing that has held me back from the genre is the gore and themes... I am a sensitive soul.

Over and over, I find myself explaining to others that I like heavy music. They assume I mean the rock that you hear on the radio - the kind everyone knows the words to. Apparently, I don't look like someone into metal (looks can be deceiving). But things become understood when I say death metal. It is like there is some kind of understanding of the level of heaviness (though it varies in the genre). You either like it, or you don't, and I am drawn to it.

So, I wanted to share my death metal-inspired rotation lately, knowing that some people are rolling their eyes because they only consider the original death metal to be in the genre, and they are wondering where Death itself is on this list. I want to go down memory lane in a more thorough and in-depth way, when it comes to death metal. So, there will be some reviews coming up, where I take that better look at some of the names that brought death metal into existence. And many people probably don't see deathcore as something that should be here, either, but I thoroughly enjoy the bands listed, so they are as they are - like it or not.


I like that these brothers both have the music gene, and they work so well in a band together. A nice pace and catchiness keeps them fresh. The vocals have lots of passion and variety. 


Super talented, super dynamic. I like how this feels so restorative, energizing, and innovative.

Tomb Mold

My fellow Canadians. When your themes are related to games, that always seems cool to me. They keep things low and deep, the way death metal should be, but there is a distinct approach here that keeps things interesting.

Emissary of Suffering

The vocals are varied, the song layouts are assorted, but always goes back to those death metal riffs I like to hear.

Beyond Creation

Another Canadian band! Incredibly relaxing to me, they seem to massage the brain in just the right way. They seem to move in a solid mass, even with all their moving parts. There is a sense of cohesion here, that is done right, but staying with the elements of death I like.


A third Canadian band! For when I want a pace that leaves me a bit behind, but in a good way. Also, the quick elements soothe my brain and stimulate it at the same time. I am not surprised this band has been compared to robots, because of the level of precision they maintain. For me, it feels good.

Shadow of Intent

Dynamic, dynamics, dynamics. This band has a journey-esque feel. I am transported to another place listening to the them, but with those death metal elements. Their latest album really mixed the symphonic and death elements together, and made me hungry for more of this kind of combination.

Bolt Thrower 

This band is the most memorable, rhythmic death that I have come across. They stay true to their theme. The vocal hits you deep.

In Mourning 

Yes, this is a melodic death metal band, or sludge with death metal influence, whatever way you want to look at it. But they have captured me with their atmosphere and groove. I find myself going back all the time to hear more of the contrast they create.


The first death metal band with a woman vocalist to grab my attention. I am sad they no longer exist.

I always envision death, the grim reaper, when I hear the term death metal, and the whimsical way I think of him makes me smile.

Hope you are enjoying death!

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