Song Review // 2022-10-16




That singing voice really caught me off guard. I like the raspy one, which I have come to expect from this band. The chanting stuff isn't something I look for. Reminds me of something you would hear in a religious ceremony. I think it was the main thing that made me not want this on my playlist.


The details of this music, if you pay attention, are quite interesting and well done. Lots of layers. I quite like it.


These words make me think of history and trying to figure out the missing pieces. We weren't actually there. We can find some artifacts and make some reasonable assumptions.

The pieces fit
Your eyes can't flux
Your heart can't fly
The pieces fit

Taste their words as they mutate
And feel their worlds implode
And it all made sense
As both sides became
All and Naught
Together and further now
In visions of stone


100% of people would put this song on their playlist!

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