Song Review // 2022-10-16

Orbit Culture


Vultures of North


I like how the vocal stayed low and growly.


I think it is the combo of the thick chug and the squeal that make this work. This song is mostly focused on keeping a pace, though I think the change two-thirds through made a lot of sense. This song is the right length. I enjoyed it.


I really don't know what these lyrics are supposed to mean. I don't know if there is folklore about vultures in the north? I know myself, when I am in the bush, I have never thought of coming across some kind of unworldly creature that hasn't been seen before. I am always more concerned about running into the ones I know are around.

Now look up to the sky and observe
The vultures of north, they'll come

Drinking blood
Now only to satisfy
Our mouths
More hunger, the hungrier
You'll see what I meant by the warnings
We are here we are now, we're in orbit


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