Song Review // 2022-10-29

The Convalescence

The Convalescence

79 years


I like that there is a lower and a higher vocal.


The pace is nice and forward here. The keyboard adds some interest. Perfect length.


This subject matter got a hold of my heart. I have seen the effects on people that have been institutionalized during a time when we didn't have a good understanding of what people actually need. Some people shudder at the presence of others because of how they had been treated as less than human. People have had their teeth removed so they couldn't use them to bite, but they also didn't have them to eat with, or smile with. I worked with multiple people who lost their teeth in this way.

I worked with a man who lost his eyes because he had cancer as a kid, and his family gave him up to a big mental institution that abused and neglected him. He became mentally disabled because no one taught him anything. This is horrendous!

I couldn't find actual lyrics, but I am basing it off of the video.

The fact that this is meaningful probably has pushed me a little in the direction of putting it on my playlist. If we are going to sing about terrible things, it may as well be real things we can learn from. I like when there is deep meaning in music!


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